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2 Sep 2007

NOTTINGHAM and Midlands (source Steve, Vaughan , James McCarthy, BBC)

I was around mid to late 60s and have many memories of Dungeon, Boat Clubs (Brit in particular),Beachcomber, going to all nighters - Mojo in Sheffield and Twisted Wheel in Manchester, Nightowl in Leicester. I think I remember Randy but these guys are on Vespas and there was also a crowd that had Lambrettas. Names I recall - Fat Pat, Click, Radio, Ben, Andy, Mad Colin (ex-rocker),Gray Whalley, Blonde John, Dave Madgwick, Dave Mace and others. I remember going to fight rockers in Skeggy and Yarmouth. There was even more vicious warfare between Mods from other cities I remember a right rumble through the centre of nottingham when mods from Peterborough came en-masse - a 50 seater coach I guess. I still listen to the soul sounds we listened and danced to back then. Keep me posted if any developments on this topic e.g. reunions or whatever.
I wonder if anyone remembers 'The Belvedere' This was a late night coffee bar just round the corner from the Beachcomber.You assended a creaky flight of stairs into a dimly lit room, bought coffee made with evaporated milk and played the table football machine. Another endearing memory I have is that of an enterprising guy doing a roaring trade selling dresses to girls comming and going from the Beachcomber from the back of a gown van parked up on the wasteground opposite

Nottingham had a great mod scene in the sixties. Who remembers soul all dayers at the Dungeon, Geno at the Boat and Jimmy Cliff at the Union?
(James McCarthy)


Pearl said...

Interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

I remember those days very well , do you remember Manfred , Pete Blood , Swanny ,(Chris Swann) does anyone remember any of the rockers??/

dodge said...

remember all the lads on the photos meet up once a month thats me second from the left, dodge

wortho said...

Is that the same Dodge who knocked about with Billy Mosley?

Nick the Bubble said...

I don't suppose anyone remembers a young lass by the name of Krysia Buda back then at all?

Craig said...

I know it's an old post, but in reply to "Anonymous'" question, I remember many of the people he mentioned, Pete Blood, who used to call me Lone Star cos he said each time he saw me I was on my own, Manfred, who in later years had a chippy in New Basford, Swanny, Gabby (who I believe is dead now?) Stu Morris, probably the only bald headed lad in the local mod scene, Chris Nicols, and sedge. As for rockers names, there was one called Slim, and a bloke he hung around with called Fred Dawson, who was not a rocker, just a supposed local hard nut.

Roger Webb said...

Yes its a funny old world for sure.I remember it all very clearly,the Dungeon,boat clubs,Palais ,Sheffield Manchester,Skeggy,Leicester,London ,Brighton.Jazz club Byard lane,Cemetery back of the Dungeon,Yateses wine lodge,Flying Horse,Kardomo Cafe,Tollerton Flying club,Birdcage Boutique,Burtons,Mohair Suits,Italian Shoes,Crombi Coats.Uppers, Downers,Scooters,Mini Vans,Nicked Cars,Police in Morris 1000,Fights ever weekend.Roy Pickance,Pete Welik,Spalding festival 67,Music to much to much.Friends in later years Roger Daltry,Joe Strummer,Jimmy Cliff,Jason Mayall , John Copper Clarke, Snienton Dale,Paul Smith,Roger Webb.