The Online Mod/ern/ist Archive

archive of original modernist recollections and information .
we are glad to hear from anyone with memories of the time, but we do not rewrite history .

31 Jan 2010

New discussion group

new discussion group created .

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the online mod/ern/ist archives .
Where you one of the original mod/ern/ists or R&B enthusiasts in the sixties and would like to share some stories, information , memories, pictures , ....
All subjects are welcome : clothes, clubs, local hangouts, music, scooters, ...
Where you a regular at the Scene , Flamingo, La Discotheque, Twisted Wheel, King Mojo, Dungeon, ....

welcome (back) to the world of a touch of french je ne sais quoi, italian style, black american and jamaican music .

keep it in style .... all aboard the night train .

please only join if you were around at the time or you are interested in the pre '70s modernist period (the following sites have forums who cover the later periods and