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2 Sep 2007

LONDON : FLAMINGO CLUB and SOHO (source John Firth)

The Flamingo club was one of the clubs in the centre of the imported soul revolution, But it was not the only club. There were several, and each club had it's own unique style - The DJ's played music that was never played anywhere else. There was a record shop in Lisle Street in Soho where you could order imports of the stax/atlantic labels, but you had to pay double to get them. I think that some of the other clubs deserved a mention - i.e the Scene was one of the coolest clubs for mods, at that time, and Le discoteque in Wardour Street was the pioneering ''disco'' and the organisers of ''Ready Steady Go'' used to send their people there to pick the dancers that appeared on the show - because they were so stylish, and knew the latest dance crazes. They changed almost every week. It was great to be part of that phenominal era.

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johnleo waters said...

I have many happy mmemories of clubs such as the Flamingo,Scene,Ad lib,Whisky a Go Go,All Star,Marquee and my fave the 'Disc.
the 'mingo was undoubtedly the best in UK for live music (I can still vividly remember Solomon Burke).But La Discoteque was the best for me - seedy,dirty - call it what you will it had great music and what an atmosphere! Then there were the top UK R&B bands - Chris Farlowe,Jimmy James,Herbie Goins,Geno and the evergreen Georgie Fame (what a band!).Coffee bars like the Macabre,Freight train,El Passant and Coffee An(loved that place!)_.
There were plenty of great pubs around the capital as well - The Angel,Edmonton (saw Steam Packet there),Two Puddings - Stratford,The Eagle and The Fox - Tottenham,Apples and Pears - Old Kent Rd,Archway Tavern (Equals usually in residence)and drinking dens such as the Regency and City Clubs (great spots but had to watch your manners!).Some stranger spots such as the RockerCha in Barnet and Finchley Conservative Club and what about the Who at St Josephs Church Hall at the Archway?
Further afield there was Watford Top Rank,Stevenage Locarno,Orchid Purley and a little later the Cally in Dunstable - I could go on all night!!

Happy Days

John Leo Waters