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26 Jan 2012

The Face Twist (thanx to Robert Nicholls)

‎"Top Faces. London's top Mod hangout is an ill-lit, black-walled club called The Scene …. Mods change dances even faster than they change trouser-widths. The "Shake" and the "Bird" are both passe, and only the Rockers would be caught doing the Twist. The current dance craze is some thing called the "Face Twist," which has a tricky hand and heel movement that resembles a cross between a hula dance and a High Noon gun draw." From “Great Britain: The Clacton Giggle,”
Time Magazine, Friday, April 10, 1964

Top Face and Scene Club member, Alfredo Marcantonio recalls the Face Twist, he states “we ditched the rotating nature of the Twist and began to move forward and back, with a lot of 'heel' action.”

Robert Nicholls :
I remember the Face Twist well and wrote about it in 2009 before I’d read any of the Mod literature. It was based on the regular Twist, but done much slower, leaning forward and with one arm extended forward with the hand in a thumbs up position (or "High Noon gun draw"), and swaying the rump from side to side ("hula") with the heels pushed back. Although it was real slow it could be done to fast or medium tempo music. See