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10 Oct 2011

Skegness, 1965 - Nottingham mod girls .

source : internet archives .


Anonymous said...

Bestwood Est mods Girls,one the gals had a Mod boyfriend from bulwell who had one Flash Vespa.I think is name was Glen.

Paul Godfrey said...

On your page dated 10 OCT 2011
Skegness, 1965 - Nottingham mod girls . The photo of the girls in striped dresses is taken in Great Yarmouth. Winter Gardens in background. Photo taken by J Barker & Sons Ltd., 22 St Peter's Plain, Great Yarmouth.

Glenn Reid said...

One of the Nottingham mod girls used to ride Pillion on the back of a flash red and chrome vespa from Bulwell. I think she was from Bestwood estate. Used to see them down at the Dungeon club.