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30 Mar 2009

Ready Steady Dance - The Matador


Dr. Kylldare said...

Hahaha, a nice one!
BTW, welcome back

JEM 'n Tonic said...

Thanks for posting such cool vintage stuff like this dance. To me though, it's always a little difficult to read and picture the correct way to follow the instructions.

Mods Colombia said...

Cool blog and post :)
Greets from Bogotá, Colombia.

themusicologist said...

'Big fan of Jack' glad to see you back in the saddle
just thought you might like to know that I am in the middle of a 'Modernist' theme on themusicologist and today it's the seminal Chicago cut from the Major 'Monkey Time'

as well as a continuing critique on the subject of 'modernist'

p.s would it be ok to add 'Jack' to themusicologist's roll call?