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11 Aug 2015

Peter Meaden : I'm the face baby, is that clear .

PR news from Light & Dark Publishing .
"In just one week, we release our very first book "I'm The Face". The very hard work and toil of two men, John Hellier and Pete Wilky, who have collaborated and brought you the first official biography of Peter Meaden - one of Mods most famous Faces.
A publicist, a hustler, a pill-popping impresario and the guy who spotted the early potential in bands. The Who, Jimmy James and The Vagabonds, Steve Gibbons Band and Captain Bee...fheart were among the bands he saw as the focus of an emerging and burgeoning culture. A sub-culture called Mod.
The book has contributions by Pete Townshend, Andrew Loog Oldham, Eddie Piller, Jimmy James, Allan Merrill, Steve Gibbons, Richard 'Barney' Barnes, Irish Jack and Pete Meaden's brother Gerald, amongs others.
It is a comprehensive look at Meaden's professional and public life; his ups and his downs, his loves and his losses. It is a story of a visionary who saw the direction the Mod scene should take when nobody else saw it. He was also someone who lost sight of his goals and his own reality; paying the ultimate price."


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